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Jose Angel Buesa

Hi! My name’s Ashley and I’m a freshman at Mary Washington University. I stumbled into this community when I was avoiding my homework- a terrible habit that I have gotten down to an art. I won’t bore you all with a long drawn out introduction, if you want to know anything about my pathetically dull life just fire away. I’m posting you a beautiful poem by the poet Jose Angel Buesa and a not so beautiful attempt at a translation done by me. Buesa was a Cuban poet born in 1910 who seems to have gotten very little attention in the U.S. I found a book of his poetry at my local library but you can’t get it in bookstores or even on Amazon. This is my favorite of his poems, but I definitely suggest you look up his others because they are wonderful! Enjoy!

Poema de la Despedida

Te digo adiós, y acaso te quiero todavía.
Quizá no he de olvidarte, pero te digo adiós.
No sé si me quisiste... No sé si te quería...
O tal vez nos quisimos demasiado los dos.

Este cariño triste, y apasionado, y loco,
me lo sembré en el alma para quererte a ti.
No sé si te amé mucho... no sé si te amé poco;
pero sí sé que nunca volveré a amar así.

Me queda tu sonrisa dormida en mi recuerdo,
y el corazón me dice que no te olvidaré;
pero, al quedarme solo, sabiendo que te pierdo,
tal vez empiezo a amarte como jamás te amé.

Te digo adiós, y acaso, con esta despedida,
mi más hermoso sueño muere dentro de mí...
Pero te digo adiós, para toda la vida,
aunque toda la vida siga pensando en ti.

Poem of the Farewell

I tell you good-bye, though perhaps I want you still.
Maybe I should not forget you, but I tell you good-bye.
I do not know if you wanted me… I do not know if I wanted you…
Or maybe the both of us wanted too much.

This sad, and passionate, and crazy tenderness
I sowed into my soul so that I would love you.
I do not know if I loved you a lot... I do not know if I loved you a little;
but I do know that I will never love this way again.

I am left with your smile asleep in my memory,
and my heart tells me that I will not forget you ;
but, remaining all alone, knowing that I am losing you,
perhaps I begin to love you as I never loved you.

I tell you good-bye, and perhaps, with this farewell,
my most beautiful dream dies inside me…
But I tell you good-bye, for all my life,
although all my life I will continue thinking of you.
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