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Another intro...

hey all, I'm naidel.

I recon I'm probably gonna be the youngest member of this community, but hopefully this doesn't matter. If it does i apologise, let me know and i will assume a new age and personality, and probably some weird habbits and a tendency to end every sentence with an exclamation mark.
I'm currently in the middle of Britain's fabulous three solid years of exams policy, but then i plan to go on to study classical archaeology or something like it at Uni.

Poem that most influenced my childhood: Abou Ben Adhem -James Leigh Hunt.

Current philosophy: live life how you want, and if you can't take a beating, then try not to get hit.

Favourite band: Flaming Lips, Chicane, Placebo, Belle and Sebastian, Misty's big adventure.

Least favourite place: Scunthorpe, sorry if you =live there, but if you do, run away. now.

Now after a semi-pretentious introduction that i can't be bothered to change but hope i won't be judged for, i'm off to do an exam on Death of a Salesman. I'll be lurking.
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