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Emotional reactions

Community's been silent as a graveyard lately, so here's something to ponder about...

Is/are there any work(s) of art (and I mean art in the general sense - it can be visual, performance, musical, literature, theatre, or a mix of any thereof, etc...) that can elicit a very strong emotional reaction from you - as an individual? (i.e.: as opposed to the collective euphoria during a rock concert or in a dance club)

What is it that you feel? Goose bumps, a swelling feeling, tears?

I'm asking this because I was part of a medical study several years ago - it had to do to with strong emotional reactions of musicians from listening to music (and I mean LISTENING, ALONE - and NOT doing something else at the same time) and which parts of the brains were triggered. It  was kind of fun - I had to do CAT (PET?) scans, MRI, the whole deal like you see in the movies. :-)

For me it was the 2nd movement of Rachmaninov's 3rd piano concerto. If I close my eyes and let go, I'll almost invariably end up crying, or at least feel this big swell in my chest, it's amazing... It was as if the music was telling me the story of my life, and I felt that I was completely understood. Hard to describe in words. It's a spiritual, mental, and physical experience...

"Isoldes Liebestod" from the Wagner opera "Tristan und Isolde" has the same effect.

More to list, but would be curious to hear your input/experiences beforehand!
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