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Hey y'all, I guess I should introduce myself, as I said I'd join this community a while ago, but didn't, but I had it on my friends list oddly enough. Regardless, my name's ZiggyDave, and I'm an aspiring art student at Montclair State University. I'm pretty creative and artsy-fartsy, as anyone who may know me will attest. I like to write poetry, and this is something I wrote a few days ago:


I have to admit
When I'm not with you, I don't feel like we're together
I feel single again, not alone,
But untaken, unclaimed by anyone,
It's not that I don't love you
But I can't feel like you're my boyfriend
I have to remind myself of you,
Remind myself that we're together

I also have to admit,
That I like that forgetting,
That feeling single again
I don't like this distance between us
Not just physical
Not just a two-hour drive
But this landscape of personality,
This chasm where you patiently rest
And I run madly, unrestrained.
I sprout wings and fly.

And soon, there is not just length and width between us,
But height as well
And the three dimensional vector that we define
Or perhaps that defines us
Grows longer
These three coordinates only beginning to define the space between us
I feel like we are opposite corners fo some great rectangular solid
Each looking in different directions

But I don't think that you,
In your beautiful patience and honesty,
Truly sees this Icarus for what he is.
You make my heart break out into glorious song
My tenor voice emanating out from deep inside of me
Filling my world with beautiful music.
But as I sing, I take to the air
And nature only grants some of us wings
And I have found few that soar through the sky as I do
And I have seen few that are as real and as beautiful as you are
So I cannot be chained to you with these bonds of love
I cannot begin to resent what makes me take to wing
But I know that when my find myself enjoying being alone
That is what is happening
When your text message comes as I stand in a cold bus shelter, and the winter atmosphere hugs me tigheter than the three layers of clothes i have on and I am silent,
I have made my choice,
To break bonds, chains,
To choose freedom to be myself
And allow you to find happiness
Allow yourself to find another beautiful creature that goes on two legs
One that can support you fully
For birds such as I have only a limited knowledge of land-based life
And where I am myth,
You are flesh and blood
You are beautiful in your Truth,
As I am in my Untruth
And what intersection of these planes,
Of these four-dimensional spaces is there?

You are far more real than I can ever be
When we sit in silence
And my mind races with idle fancies
And yours with love,
I feel trapped,
Weighed down.
So maybe you can't yet grasp this mathematical proof,
But as I take to the air for the fifth and the last time
Perhaps you'll see why Mortal and Myth cannot find a union in these ordered sets.
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