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Les Culture Geeks
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Culture Geeks is a forum for the sharing and exchange of those little tidbits of life, the universe, and everything that make us smile, or feel, or say "Hm." Share interesting wisdom you've learned, photographs you've taken, or a poem you saw in your brain somewhere. Tell us about books and art and films you've seen, suggest interesting places to go, or get us talking about some issue. Whatever. If you have a Something in your Mind, put it on here; it will inspire curiosity and discussion!

Please, though: careful what you put of an adult nature, if anything, because I don't really who might be reading this, and though I'm all for destroying innocence (>:D), it really isn't a good idea.

If you join the community, by all means, give an introduction, let us know who you are and stuff, and give us *ViRtUaL cUpCaKeS* if you want. Tell us what you like (to do) (on a Saturday afternoon). If your posts are extra-long, consider using the lj-cut tag for your entry. We all like nifty stuffs, but some of us have short attention spans, too. For example, I myself am a

And always remember the words of Lao-Tse: A true traveler has no fixed destination, and is not intent on arriving. Peace.

(About our icon... as Regina said: "the Buddha has always struck me as a symbol of learning through experience." Or something like that.) (and, if you have any suggestions for interests, by all means, suggest away)